YOKOHAMA B.B.street / 横浜・関内のライブハウス ビービーストリート


2022年4月15日(土) [MID NIGHT]“STEPPAS’ DELIGHT chapter52″


Scorcher Hi Fi Is A Sound Created By Cojie & Sticko a.k.a. Truthful(Fire Ball) Of Mighty Crown. Tune For Tune , For That Moment , They Select Their Tunes, Mainly Roots And Culture, Dub And Steppers.
Their Sound/Image/Message Combine Into An Art Form That Brings Fire Into The Hearts Of People , As They Are Known “Scorcher”.
You Can Experience Scorcher Hi Fi With Mighty Crown Speakers And Their Original Pre-Amps At Regularly.
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SCORCHER Hi Fi with Sound System
(STICKO & COJIE of Mighty Crown)

open/start 24:00